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North Eastern Thailand is the inspiration behind the menu.

Every effort is made to stay true to the dishes I loved back in Thailand. I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I do!


* Mild / Traces of Chilli
** Medium
*** Hot
V = Suitable for Vegetarians
N = Contains Traces of Nuts
C= Chef's Choice

1. KHAO GRIAB GUNG/ Prawn Crackers *
Deep fried Thai prawn crackers served with a sweet chilli dip. £2.95
Chicken Satay, Crispy Wonton, Prawn Toasties , Fish cake, Vegetarian Spring Rolls. £6.50 per person

3. TOM KHA/ Coconut Cream Soup *
A rich aromatic coconut soup with lemongrass, galanga and lime leaves. Veggie £3.95 Chicken £4.50 King Prawn £4.95
4. TOM YUM/ Hot and Sour Soup **
A classic spicy hot and sour clear soup made from red chilli paste, lemongrass, galanga, and lime leaves.
Veggie £3.95 Chicken £4.50 King Prawn £4.95

5. YUM THAI/ Thai Salad **
Fresh iceberg lettuce tossed with tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, lemon juice and chillies.
Veggie £3.95 Chicken £4.50 King Prawn £4.95
6. SOM TAM / Papaya Salad *** V C
Freshly shredded papaya, carrots, and plum tomatoes mixed with red chillies, lemon juice, palm sugar and fish sauce using a mortar and pestle served on a fresh bed of lettuce. £5.95
7. YUM WOON SEN / Vermicelli Salad **
Glass noodle salad mixed with minced pork and seasoned with lemon juice, chillies and coriander. £5.95

8. GAI SATAY/ Chicken Satay N
Marinated chicken grilled on bamboo skewers served with a cucumber relish and homemade peanut sauce. £5.95
9. KANOM PAANG NA GUNG / Prawn on Toast
Deep fried minced prawn and herbs on toast served with a sweet chilli dip and cucumber relish. £4.95
10. PAK TOAD/ Vegetable Tempura V
Assorted vegetables deep fried in a light crispy batter served with a sweet chilli dip. £5.50
11. TOAD MAN PLA/ Fish Cake *
Handmade fish cakes blended with green beans, lime leaves and chilli paste served with cucumber relish and a sweet chilli dip. £6.50
12. GRA-DOOK MOO / Pork Spare Ribs
Deep fried pork spare ribs marinated in garlic, soy sauce and pepper, topped with crispy garlic and spring onion. £5.95
13. BO-BPIA TOAD / Spring Rolls V
Hand-rolled crispy spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrot and beansprout served with a sweet chilli dip. £4.95
14. GEAW GRORB / Crispy Wonton
Minced pork combined with coriander, garlic and Thai herbs deep fried in handmade parcels served with a sweet chilli dip. £4.95
15. GUNG HOM PAH/ Prawn Rolls
Spring rolls filled with king prawns seasoned with ginger served with a sweet chilli dip. £4.95
16. HOY NAUNG / Steamed Mussels ** C
New Zealand mussels steamed in lemongrass and galanga served with a hot and sour chilli sauce. £4.95
17. GAI TA KAI / Chicken Wings
Crispy chicken wings marinated in lemongrass, coriander root, garlic and Thai herbs with a sweet chilli dip. £5.50
18. GAI BAI TOEY / Chicken Pandan Leaf C
Chicken wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves, seasoned with ginger and coconut milk served with a sweet chilli dip. £6.95
19. SAMOSA PAK/ Vegetable Samosa V
Mixed vegetables hand wrapped in parcels served with a sweet chilli dip. £4.95
20. SATAY PAK / Vegetable Satay V N
Pan seared mixed vegetables on bamboo skewers topped with garlic served with a homemade peanut sauce. £5.95
21. GEAW GROB JE/ Sweetcorn Wonton V
A blend of sweetcorn and Thai herbs deep fried in hand made parcels served with a sweet chilli dip. £4.95

E22. GAI YANG E-SARN / Grilled Chicken ** C
A classic grilled chicken on the bone marinated in lemongrass, palm sugar, garlic, coriander and oyster sauce served with a spicy signature dip. £8.95
E23. KAW MOO YANG/ Grilled Pork **
Grilled lean pork marinated in garlic, coriander, palm sugar and oyster sauce accompanied with E-Sarn dip. £8.50
E24. SAI KROK E-SARN/ E-Sarn Sausages C
E-Sarn style sausages using ground pork, garlic, pepper and glutinous rice. £5.95
E.25 NAM TOK / "Waterfall" *** C
Grilled pork or beef dressed with ground roasted rice, fish sauce, lemon juice, spring onion and dried chillies. £9.50
E26. LAAB /Minced Salad *** C
A typical north eastern style dish with a combination of chillies, lime juice, coriander, onion and the choice of pork or chicken. £6.95
E27. GANG OM ESARN/ Jungle Curry ** C
The healthiest curry option (excludes coconut milk) made from dill, chilli, garlic, lemongrass, galanga, lime leaves, roasted rice and bamboo shoots. £8.50
E28. SUER RONG HAI/ "Weeping Tiger" **
Grilled sliced tender beef accompanied with a hot chilli dip. £9.50

29. PLA MAKHAM/ Fish in Tamarind
Deep fried Tilapia topped with tamarind sauce and crispy red onion. £10.95
30. PLA NEUNG MANAO/ Fish in Lemon ** C
Steamed whole Sea Bass (no bone) in a spicy and tangy lemon dressing. £14.95
31. BET SAM ROD/ Duck Three flavour
Deep fried duck breast topped with a sweet and sour pineapple relish. £11.95
32. GAENG PED BET YANG/ Roast Duck Red Curry
A sweet twist on a typical red curry using pineapple, longon fruit and plum tomatoes with duck. £8.50

Mixed Vegetables V £5.95
Duck/Prawn £9.95
Chicken/Pork/Beef £7.95
Mixed Seafood £10.95

33. GAENG MASSAMAN/ Massaman Curry *
A mild fragrant yellow curry made with coconut milk, potatoes and carrots .
34. GAENG DAENG/ Red Curry **
Thai curry made from red curry paste and shrimp paste, coconut milk, auber-gine, bamboo shoots and chillies.
35. GAENG KEOW WAN/ Green Curry ***
Authentic Thai curry made from green curry paste, coconut milk, aubergine, bamboo shoots and chillies.
36. GAENG PANANG / Hot & Thick Curry***
A rich hot curry using dry curry paste fried in a thick coconut cream and kaffir lime leaves.


Bean Curd V £6.95
Duck/Prawn £9.95
Chicken/Pork/Beef £7.95
Mixed Seafood £10.95

37. PAD THAI/ Thai Fried Noodles
A national dish. Rice noodles stir fried in tamarind sauce with beansprouts, carrots, spring onion and egg.
38. PAD KEE MAO/ "Drunken Noodles" **
Fried rice noodles with chilli and basil leaves.
39. PAD WOON SEN/ Vermicelli Noodles
Fried glass noodle with eggs, onions and seasonal vegetables.
40. KHAO PAD/ Fried Rice
Egg fried rice with tomatoes, spring onion, green cabbage, carrots and onion.
41. KHAO SAPPAROD/ Pineapple Fried Rice
A fruity twist to a typical egg fried rice with pineapples.


Bean Curd V £6.95
Duck/Prawn £9.95
Chicken/Pork/Beef £7.95
Mixed Seafood £10.95

42. NAM-MAN HOY/ Oyster Sauce
Stir fried onion, mushrooms, and spring onion in oyster sauce.
43. PAD GRATIEM/ Garlic
A combination of fresh garlic, black pepper and oyster sauce topped with grated red pepper, coriander and roasted garlic.
44. PAD KHING/ Ginger
Aromatic dish that focuses on the root vegetable, ginger, in a soy sauce with red pepper, sliced onions and carrot.
45. PAD PREAW WAN/ Sweet and Sour
Thai styled sweet and sour dish made from pineapple, onions, tomatoes and mixed peppers.
46. PAD MED MAMUANG/ Cashew Nut N
Classic stir fry with cashew nuts, assorted peppers, onions and whole dried chilli.
47. PAD KRAPRAOW/ Basil *** C
A street food favourite which uses fresh aromatic basil leaves, oyster sauce, mixed vegetables and red chillies.
48. PAD NAAM PRIK PAO/ Sweet Chilli Paste *
A sweet based chilli dish with red and green peppers, sliced onions and carrots.

KHAO SUAY/ Boiled 2.00
KHAO PAD KAI/ Egg Fried 2.20
KHAO MAPRAO/ Coconut 2.50
KHAO NEAW/ Sticky 2.50
GUAY TIEW PLAO/ Plain Noodles 3.00



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