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'X Factor' hopeful gets close to Gary Barlow, sings on desk for audition

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Gary Barlow receives an up close and personal audition from a hopeful who climbs on the judges' desk this week.

Crazy Wendy admits to having a crush on the X Factor judge before performing 'Hey Big Spender'.

Crazy Wendy auditioning for 'The X Factor'
The Thai woman's audition, which features on The Xtra Factor, leaves the judges shocked as she leans towards Barlow.

The Take That singer is not the only one getting attention, as Nicole Scherzinger finds a young admirer who admits to having a school boy crush.

Ryan, 18, from Swansea is left red-faced when the 'Boomerang' hit-maker compliments his performance.

"I felt like your voice was like hot butter on my skin, I thought it was delicious. It was smokey, it was chocolatey," Scherzinger says.

Fellow-judge Sharon Osbourne quips: "I've never had hot butter on the skin, never tried it but seeing as I'm at that age, I think I should try it."

The X Factor continues tomorrow (Saturday, September 21) at 8pm on ITV. The Xtra Factor follows at 9pm on ITV2.


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